Support the organisation of a "routine mission" in the field

The LECMP (Lao Elephant Care and Management Programme) with the support of ElefantAsia vet team, drive with the Elephant Mobile Clinic, to access remote areas in every district where elephants live and work.

Each district is visited once a year in order to visit and check all elephants working in logging camps or tourism camps. During these missions, our vet and Lao technicians from LECMP take care of working elephants, giving them deworming treatments and basic care. These missions are also very usefull to keep contact with elephants' owners and mahouts. It's a very special moment where we can talk with them, train them for basic care, and inform them for example on diseases as tuberculosis. These field missions are also usefull to check elephant ID books, update our national database and put microchip on unidentified elephants. It allows us to know where are elephants and control trafficking

Each mission lasts between 5 and 10 days and require 1 mobile clinic, 1 vet, 1 vet technician from LECMP, 1 government officer from local district, 1 government officer from local province, and many drugs and consumer goods that we give for free to elephants' owners or mahouts who need them.

Campaign : Support the organisation of a "routine mission" in the field

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