First Aid Kits in Laos

Supported by the leading animal welfare charity RSPCA International, we distribute Elephant First Aid Kits to mahouts across Laos via our mobile veterinary clinics. Working in remote areas of forests can leave working elephants isolated and without access to proper veterinary care when they become sick or injured. This can lead to many elephants suffering from appalling, yet easily treatable, wounds and illnesses. Equipped with ElefantAsia's Elephant First Aid Kits, mahouts can easily administer immediate and effective treatment to their elephants, eliminating the animal's suffering until proper veterinary care can be sought. The waterproof boxes contain basic medicines and medical supplies which include:

• a broad-spectrum antibiotic that can be sprayed directly on the elephant's skin;
• iodine to treat fresh wounds, anti-bacterial powders used for dressing and treating wounds;
• cleansers for elephant eye infections;
• ointments for prevention and spread of bacteria;
• gauze compresses to manage cuts and clean areas of infection;
• a comprehensive, illustrated elephant care manual in Lao language.

ElefantAsia believes all captive elephants should have access to appropriate medications and health care, regardless of where they work. We have distributed Elephant First Aid Kits for free to almost all the captive elephant population in Laos, approximately 470 animals. Each mahout receives training on how to use the kit's contents by our veterinarians, as well as being given sound advice on how to best care for their elephants. Advice on subjects such as harness adjustment or appropriate resting periods can avoid unnecessary illness and injuries, maintaining the elephant's wellbeing, especially important when in remote areas. Supplies found in the first aid kits are relatively inexpensive and can be easily replenished from local pharmacies, when in town.

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