Sayaboury Elephant hospital

In September 2011, we established Laos' first elephant hospital dedicated to the sole treatment of elephants. Located at the Elephant Conservation Center in Sayaboury province, the hospital offers medium to long-term care for elephants suffering from severe injuries and acute infectious diseases that cannot be managed effectively in the field.

Sick and injured elephants are immobilised for treatment in a holding pen known as a crush, which allows our veterinary staff to provide proper care without any risk to our staff nor the patient.

The hospital includes a laboratory fully equipped for blood analysis and parasitology and we have implemented new protocols to test for common infectious diseases and undertake epidemiology studies in Laos in areas of tuberculosis and EEHV (elephant endotheliotropic herpes virus) in collaboration with Kasetsart University in Thailand and the University of Montreal in Canada.

Sanitary conditions available in the preparation room allow our staff to prepare food and medicines especially adapted for elephants hygienically. Whilst the supply of medicines and equipment is readily available for use by our staff or team of field veterinarians that are prepared to head out on an emergency mission at a moment's notice. Facilities also include a large open space, which is utilised to complete that all-important paper work and a bedroom for those late night treatment duties.

The elephant hospital in Sayaboury was funded by Beauval Zoological Garden (France).

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